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Fuck the Police (live)

new age rebellion - anarchy
intoxicated with injustice of law
sneaking lifes - mental decay
practicise subversive dirty needs
no acts of grace - stand up and fight
you are their slave but never questioned why
born on your knees - don't give a shit
you are remote controlled but who is to blame

fuck the police

blaze of anger - deaf and blind
the enemy that overshadows us all
out of control - disrooted minds
the final judgement and the final day will come
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too much pressure - to much power
until the point of no return
interwar period - martial games
to find out what they try to ignore

eternal lies - visions of change
when the dreams of freedom awake
methods of greed - bleeding hearts
an easy target for the one with the gun
empty promises - better left unsaid
illusions shattered by mendacity and hate
supremacy - hungry to kill
no more effectual fervent supplication


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