Man Of Foam 歌詞 Shriekback ※
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Man Of Foam

He's a whole lotta man
with his strip-mine tan.
Keks are from Rome (and he can take up the hem on his own).
And you can watch him primp and preen
-there's a certain lack of clarity behind the screens-
possibly psychotic but he sounds alright on the phone.

Oh Man of Foam
What you gonna do if he follows you home?
There will come a day
when the moth meets the napthalene.
Oh baby he will drive your car
(spunked a monkey in the Jaguar).
Welcome to the Pleasure Dome,
Man of Foam

Always been a dapper Dan
(but he hasn't been the same since the Dim Sum ban).
Gob stopper name
and no-one to blame for it all.
When the push has come to shove
what will he inscribe in the Book of Love?
Basking in the glow
with the sun down low on the wall

Oh Man of Foam,
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up upon the blocks until the cows come home.
Feeling quite liverish for one of his kidney and tone.
The ad said there were goons for hire
but he's still reeling from the Reichstag fire.
See you when the cows have flown
Man of Foam.

Plucky little wolverine
down in the cellar with a strict routine:
muscular demands and the paraffin keeping it warm.
Hopes that it won't be too soon
that the lump doctor wants him for the afternoon.
Waiting for the ferry
by the Sea of Storms...

Oh Man of Foam
tripping off your tits in the nursing home.
Cheeky little pill
and for 12 hours wiggle and drone.
No-one knows what the fuck you mean,
Just another crazy day on this hill of beans.
Take me where the Wyvern roam,
Man of Foam...