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C-Rayz Walz


C-Rayz Walz

It's a Wrap

製作:ISHi & Onedread

It's a wrap
When I attack, crash the door
It's a wrap
This track ready to splash Billboard
It's a fact, I'm what y'all was waiting for
I'm plat', but still hardcore
It's a wrap
If you wack don't spit no more
It's a wrap
My hot track will bring it to y'all
C'mon, scream till your throat is sore
Get off the wall, rush the dance floor

When it's a wrap y'all cats get buried alive
For years like the careers of the Jackson 5
The Sun Cycle, spits heat like gun rifles
You ain't ready to score like a young Michael
My rebuttal to your waste of space
Is a NASA shuttle fate
Me and the stars correlate
Where only the core relate
In other words, I'm the asteroid belt to your waste/waist of space
When I rock the house like avalanches in your crib
And right hook like boxers aiming for rib
It's a war going on, I'm training the kid
Like Markie, I stay connected to my Biz
KRS rep the Bronx, Shan still repping The Bridge
Kane's still the god like Rakim, I listen to Gibbs
C-Rayz, the brand new weapon it is
Fact, I'm Paid In Full you Half Steppin' again