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Shallow Rivers


Shallow Rivers

Down the Rivers to Vortex

This story begins where it ended
Would you listen to it?

Unseen, restless wind
Fills the air with grief.
Evoken waves upon the water
Omens the time
When all will be drowned.

All hope will be vanished.

Ripples on the water smooth
Distorted the features of a sinless child.
Through the eyes of an old man,
Shuddered with horror,
The abyss of misery
Revealed itself.

The land lies in ruin.
Mottled with gulfs.
Beats in throes of death

Now listen.

Caught by furious waters.
Lost in the mist.
There was a boatman
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Defying his destiny.
By a sudden blast of wind,
Growing anger of storm,
His will was of pure despair,
And his boat was flipped over.

Pulled into the vortex.
Sucked down into depths.
In maelstrom of time and space
All his bones were broken.

When waves of rambling waters are still and quiet,
You'll see reflections of one's past life.

Staring eyes of madness.
Cold sores of his pale skin.
What you see is just his body.
Swollen and wicked.

So come on, my child.
Wet you feet in the river.
Come on, get on the boat
Of your father.

Cold sun summons the earth
To awake and reign.
Nature echoed in a child's cry.
In silence.