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Give It To Me

Yes, yesss!
Uh, uh!
Yes, yesss!
Uh, uh, uh!
Yes, yesss!
Let me in, mayne!
Hehe, look!

I'm back for the first time, fucker! (fucker!)
Cancer, that's the sign sucker!
So pucker up and kiss the fist of this lyricist; (why?)
This, - this shit - is ridiculous. (ridicolous?)
I'll be the first one to say it, (say it!)
DJ's? Damn right they gon' play it! (better play it!)
If not then fuck it, I'll take it to the internet,
Do it myself, they can't say shiiiit!
But the club gon' love it! (love it!)
But be careful, - the thugs gon' thug it. (they gon' thug it!)
They'll hit you upside your head
With a whole half-full Hennessy bottle and think nothin' of it. (CRASSSH!)
Bitch won't fuck me then she's celibate,
Brad Pitt couldn't fuck that chick! (uh-uh!)
Unless she really just a hoe and I don't know,
If so, I'll call up the Bishop Magiiiic. (hello?)
He gon' give me couple lines to fuck up her mind, (uh-huuh!)
Minutes later, I'll be grindin' on her from behind. (hit her!)
Tell her: - 'Turn around, quit kiddin' with me! '
'You grown-ass woman, (giiirl!) give it to me! '

[Chorus: Raheem DeVaughn {Saigon}]
You ain't gotta be my giiirl,
I don't even know yo' siiiign! (oooooooh-ohhhhh!)
I just wanna fiend and weee
Will let you rub up on miiiine! (ooooooh-ooooohh-ooooooooohhh!)

There's no need to stop noooww! {GIVE IT TO ME!}
Girl, I want you on top noooww! {GIVE IT TO ME!}
So as soon as the beat drop nooooww, {GIVE IT TO ME!}
Girl, you gotta break me ooooff! {g'eah, haha!} - Uuuhh-huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhh! {yeah!}

[Saigon {Raheem DeVaughn}:]
What up? - What it is my nucca? (my nucca!)
I'm back up in this muh'fucker,
So knuckle up and kiss the fist of this lyricist;
This, - this shit - is ridiculous. (ridicolous?)
I'm 'Trill' like the homie, Bun B; (Bun B!)
For real! - There's only one me. (ONE ME!)
They know that I'll paralyze a phony MC, {oooooh, yeeaah!}
Am I on some thug shit? {ooohh, yeeeeaaaah!} Go on and come see (come see!)
Cause I ain't even gotta say it, (DON'T say it!) {whooooooohhh!}
His jaw keep jackin', I'm gon' break it. {uuuh-hmmmmm, yeah!}
I'll stomp him in the head with the Timberlands,
Lucky you could trust me; this muh'fucker won't make it! (WON'T make it!)
But we ain't come here to start a fight, (aiiiight!) {naaaaah, man!}
We came to find dames that'll rock the mic'. {uh-huuuuuuuuh!}
And I ain't talkin' 'bout rhyme but the kind
That'll do it in the whip - befo' I turn out the parkin' light. (click!)
Totally she was comin' just to kick it with me,
Soon as she jumped in, I said: 'Lick it for me! '
She said: 'Only if, only if you will stick it to me; ' {ooooohhh-hmmmmm!}
I said: 'C'mon! Quit playin', girl; give it to me! ' {woooooaaaaaaaahhh!}


[Saigon {Raheem DeVaughn}:]
You ain't gotta act stingy;
You should give a nigga them draaawers. (give me them drawers!)
And if you can't be that friendly,
Can you at least lick these baaaalls? (Can you lick these balls?)
I brought yo' black ass to Wendy's; (Wendy's?)
You ain't even break me ooooff. (chick, break me!)
Now I hate bein' on your top slate
Lil' hooker, you can take me ooooff! {ha-haaaaa!}
Yes, (yes!) y'all'in - to the light beat an'
Hookers on my 'Bat-man' like I'm Mike Keaton. {woooooaaaahhhh!}
It's only right that I spend the night skeetin'
In the morn' I'm gone, {oooooh, yeeeeah!} it was nice meetin'.
{Nice meeting yoooouuuu!} - You and your coochie hole, too,
And all I had to say was: 'You're beautiful, boo! '
I ain't buy diamonds, (no!) no Gucci, no shoe (uh-uh!)
Like these other muhfuckin' foolio do. (nope!)
Look, I ain't even a pimp, but pimpin', I'm pimpin' (I'm away now!)
Me and the 9'-inches, (look!) divine intervention. {yeeaah!} (aaaaahhh!)
So listen! - 'Less you wanna get fucked up literally. (giiiirl!)
Put your weight down on me girl, give it to me! {give it to meeee!}


[Outro: Raheem DeVaughn]
Give it up, give it up, give it up noooow, giiiiiirl!
Give it to meeee, yeeeah!
I want you to cloooseeeeer! (uuuh, give it to meeee, yeeeeeah!)
I want to teeeeeeeaaaaaase yoouu! (just give it to meeee, yeeeeeah!)
Let your hair doooooown...
Uuuuuh, give it to meeeee!
Give it TO MEEEEEEE, yeeeaaaaaaaaaah! ('eeey!)
And I want you to cloooseeeeer! (uuuh, give it to MEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 'eeeeey!)
I want you to teeeeeeeaaaaaase meeee! (meeeee, yeeeeeaaah!)
Let your hair doooooown...
Give it to meeeeeee! (whooooo-hooooohhhh-whoooooooooooooooooooooohhhh)
Give it up!
Oooooooooooohh, yeeaa-yeeaa-yeeaaah, yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah!
Ooooooh, ooooooooh-oooooooohhh!
Ooooooh, baaaabyyyyyyyyy!

[Interlude: Just Blaze (Male)]
Yes, yes y'all!
Right now you're rockin' with the best.
That's the sound of nobody else, just Blaze!
Just Blaze, Radio WFKR for those who don't know.
That's the sounds of Saigon featuring Raheeem DeVaughn!
It sounds so cool, ladies and gentlemen, it's called 'Give It To Me'!
Give ME ANY DRUUUUGS, hahaaaaaa! [door opens]
So wise we move on, what the...? [beat stops](EASY, PRICK!) [rewind][punch]
Call the security!

[Interlude: DJ EZ Dick]
W-Balls, [?]point forever, man, no doubt.
I hear you, Saigon! I hear you...
I think you're goin' about all wrong, tho, player.
Right here on the station, that's breakin' you all platinum hits, it's your main man, DJ...
EEEEEZ Dick, and hey, there bitch!
I'd like to take it niice and slooowww.
Saigon, it's time to do 'What The Lovers Do'!
Cut off them lights...
And come here, baby, and give me what you promised!