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Twisted Tower Dire


Twisted Tower Dire

The Dagger's Blade

I called you brother, we were invincible*
Our allegiance could be breached by none
I stood beside you, through it all
Your greed initiated your downfall

I knew something was going on inside of you
You'll feel the pain when I take it all away

I can't explain why you betrayed
Turned your back on me
You'll rue the day when you see my face
And feel my daggers blade!
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Borne of your father, the bastard son
I always knew you would succeed the throne
I would have laid down my life for you
Honour the crown with fury just and true

I called you brother, we were invincible
Now the time has come to watch you crawl
Beware of darkness, beware of light
Forever know I'll strike with holy might