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Use Me

I'm your puppet, no strings attached.
Complete any task you could dream to ask.
I could pretend that I need you back
So that at opposite ends, we're an even match
Damn, I didn't mean to snap
I will cooperate, tell me your three commands
The way I coddle you, quell all your greed, demands
You'd think I'd conjured a spell from a genie's lamp
Hey somebody gotta be the master
On a team there's captains, on the seas - commanders
Honestly I'm glad with how you lead the path.
So, I'm willing to sacrifice all it seems you're after
I'm kinda fond of the leaching act with all the schemes & plans
My self-esteem is damaged,
And a hunter never questions an easy catch -
It didn't take a documentary to teach me that
Now, I'm seeing the pattern, it's easy to add up,
I'm never the one to leave when it's bad or to keep it from happening
Inevitably the reason you pass with sneaky tactics
Is some karmic revenge from my seedy past - Uh!
I can't help it - I'm free but I'm trapped - CHOOSE
A black pelican whose wings have been snapped - MOVE
And you're selling pics to people to peep me intact.
Abuse me. Use me.

Cause everybody loves you the day you make em a millionaire
Till someone else can make em a billionaire
Till someone else can make em trillionaire
Let's see you take away the things they want,
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Will they still be there?

So... did you get everything your heart desired?
And is there anything you want revised?
Cause I'll go editing the fabric of my being
'Til the thread of me is casually tossed aside
See I'm tailor-made to cater to your whims
for an awesome price, see the cost is pride
If you can live with and admit it's been a grift
Stickin' around for the gifts like a mobster's wife
Right, I don't wanna bring your flaws to the light
Cause I'm partly responsible like
If I ever stumbled in the wake of all your lies
I know without a doubt it wouldn't even stop your stride
I wish I was somebody more like you
with no conscious, drive and a darker side
And still appear half-sane
But it's too late to be launching a fucking smear campaign when the marker's dry
I'm feeling a bit lost inside
though I thought I was holding my moral compass right side up
But my mind's kinda stuck,
Deciding if I should draw the line at the crossing sign
So, which way is wrong? Is it right? CHOOSE.
Switch daily as long as you like. MOVE.
Hit play on this song, you can call me tonight.
Abuse me. Use Me.