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Tommy Tutone

Jenny (867-4309)

Jenny, jenny, who can i turn to?
you give me something i can hold onto.
i know you think i'm like, the others before
who saw your name and number on the wall.

jenny, i've got your number
i need to make you mine
jenny, don't change your number
Jenny, jenny
you're the girl for me
you don't know me but you make me so happy.
i tried to call you before, but i lost nerve
i tried my imagination, but i was disturbed.

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I got it (i got it) i got it
i got your number on the wall
i got it (i got it) i got it
for a good time
for a good time call
*instrumental break*

Jenny, jenny
who can i turn to?
for the price of a dime i can always turn to you.
Repeat until fade: