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Third Day


Third Day

I Wanna Sing

I wanna sing a song for you Lord,
Lord for you I wanna sing a song
I wanna lift my voice to Heaven
and listen to the angels sing along

A song of your faithfulness
a song of your grace
and of your loving kindness
to the glory of your name
with everything that is in me Lord
Listen to me say
I wanna sing a song for you
I wanna sing a song

I wanna live my life for you Lord
Lord for you I wanna live my life
and I wanna praise the name of Jesus
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and pray of all things your glorified


I can sing about you mercy
and sing about your love
Your goodness Lord,
your righteousness
I wanna sing a song

Chorus (2)

Holy holy holy
(we'll sing)Holy holy holy
(we'll shout) Holy holy holy
Are you Lord almighty (4)


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