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Third Day


Third Day

Thank You All

作詞:Tai Anderson, Brad Avery, David Carr, Mark Lee, Mac Powell

Ready or not, well, here we go
Giving all we got like it's all our show
'Cause I guess you'll never know
What's gonna happen?

In the sunshine or driving rain
Hit the ground running like a big 'ol train
'Cause we don't know
When we're comin' back again

Thank you all for the good times that you bring
For the songs sound much better when you sing
Thank you all most of all for listening
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So this song says, 'Thank you all'

Ready or not, well, here we go
Where are we headed I don't know?
Could tomorrow be as good as it was today?
Riding in a bus down the interstate

Got another show in another place
But we won't forget you when we've gone away

When all is said and done
And all the lights are faded
We'll thank the Lord above for this moment


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