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Third Day


Third Day


作詞:Anderson Samuel Tai, Avery Bradley B C, Carr David, Lee Mark D, Powell Johnny Mac

Now listen, there's something much better
Than what I had and what I had been told
And now one day I heard a message spoken
Forever in my heart the words I hold

The Healer said there is only one river
The river of life filled with faith and love
It's flowing from the sacrifice of Jesus
And brings us all into the kingdom of God

So I'm going down to drown myself today
Nothin' left to live for, nothin in my way
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Hold me underwater, take me even farther
Drown me down by the river today
Will You make me a believer?
Take me by my hand, hold me as I'm falling in
Cleanse me and wash my sins

So here I am at the edge of the water
That separates me from my death and life
And still I come here with unanswered questions
But that's not gonna make me change my mind