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The Shirelles


The Shirelles

Everybody Loves a Lover (Remastered)

Everybody loves a lover
i'm a lover, everybody loves me
anyhow, that's how i feel
wow, i feel just like a pollyanna
I should worry, not for nothin'
everybody loves me, yes they do
and i love everybody
since i fell in love with you
who's the most popular personality?
i can't help thinkin' it's no one else but me
gee, i feel just about ten feet tall, havin' a ball
guess ya might call me a pollyanna
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Everybody loves a lover

I should worry, not for nothin'
everybody loves me, yes they do
and i love everybody
since i fell in love with
fell in love with
fell in love with youuuuuuuuuu
(call me a pollyanna, do)


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27.Crossroads In Your Heart
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29.Love Is a Swingin' Thing (Remastered)
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34.It's Mine
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