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The Robert Cray Band


The Robert Cray Band

A Whole Lotta Pride

Somebody send me a doctor
There's a pain, I can't stop
It's seems to me there isn't much time
By the ticking of the clock

Feels like a deadly fever
Or is it just your sweet revenge?
I guess this makes us even
You said, I'd pay in the end

Here comes that heartache
But I know, I can make it
With a little faith
And a whole lotta pride

No kinds of pills will help me
And I won't take no shots
My only hope of living is
If we can start from the top

I can taste the bitter teardrops
I've made you cry before
Do you have to leave me, baby
Just to even up the score?

Here comes that heartache
But I know, I can make it
With a little faith
And a whole lotta pride

Only you
Could stop these tears
I'll take the blame and all the shame
For all those bad years
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Now I'm all alone
Time's no longer on my side
All that I've got left is a little faith
And a whole lotta pride

My foolish heart
Just can't understand
The love that we've lost
And your change of plans

It took so long
To feel the pain
I'll go on, yes I will
'Cause that's the name of the game

Here comes that heartache
But I know, I can make it
With a little faith
And a whole lotta pride

Stop these, stop these, stop these tears
Won't you please?
Stop it, baby

I can't make it
Ohh, no
I can't make it
Hey, yeah


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