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The Robert Cray Band


The Robert Cray Band

Back Home

作詞:Robert Cray

If you walk alone in darkness
Don't turn, go the wrong way

If you associate among the evil
Don't follow them down the wrong road
Mmm, mmm, mmm

You may even flirt with a little danger
And before long without even knowing
It will be hard to find your way back home

Just turn around, see your family behind you
Don't you see the trouble?
Don't you see the trouble way up ahead? Mmm

Don't you know that they care
About how you're doin'?
Don't be a fool and lose your head, mm

Don't flirt, don't mess with danger, no
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Just remember what goes around
Will come back right at you?
And you may never find your way back home, no, no

You may never find your way back home
No, no
No, you may never

It'll be hard to find your way back home
No, no
No, no

Naw, you'll have no friends, they'll be forsaken
You mess around in the street
Your life might be taken, oh no

It's a real bad, bad
Bad, bad


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