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The Neighborhood


The Neighborhood

Givin N Takin Feat. Danny Seth & DeJ Loaf

[Verse 1 - Danny Seth:]
Talkin' 'bout money?
Shit, I'm about to make a lot
See the Rollie on my left wrist?
It's the reason I don't use a clock
Check the Rollie once again
Still I have to for the cops
And if you hatin' on the low
Better stand up 'fore your punk arse gets dropped
I'm a trendsetter
Tryna make bread like Mayweather
Comparin' me to other men, I'm way better
This lamb skin, boy you are fake leather
I ain't got time for the beef, mothafucka
Cook it like Boyardee mothafucka
Everybody wanna be me, see me
They'll be on my nuts [?], mothafucka
I just checked and I got next
I ain't talking alphabet but I'm better with your ex
You be hangin' with the 6s while I'm bangin' out the 10s
And I'm from the UK, flow like the River Teign
So come flow with me
When I'm sonning all these rappers like an ovary
And I'm puffin' off a tree with some potent leaves
Cause we made it from the UK overseas and that's real

[Verse 2 - Dej Loaf:]
It's not givin', it's just takin', it's just takin'
Live your life, roll your blunts and chase Nathan
I've been out here for a minute, it's my time
Bought a watch, key for a crib
I'm too important, I can't show you where I live
Why they think they can stop me? I'm goin' so hard
I'm facin' my fears, face full of tears
I'm scarred for life, so I'ma ball for life
DJ play my song tonight, alright
Russian Roulette, one to the neck
Break you to pieces and open your flesh
Am I in love? Am I the best?
It could be lust, you obsessed with the sex
I'm obsessed with the thought of me breakin' your heart
Rollies for breakfast and APs for brunch
We done got rich and forgot who we was
I think you would too if you came from the slums
For life, alright
Yeah, yeah

[Bridge x2 - Jesse Rutherford:]
Give me the rule, and I'll take it
I couldn't fake all the things that I say
I know the rules, but I'm playin'
In the game that'll throw you away

[Outro - Jesse Rutherford:]
I'm givin' and takin'
I'm givin' and takin'
I'm givin' and takin'
I'm givin' and takin'
I'm givin' and takin'