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Bobby Bare


Bobby Bare

Long Black Limousine

See her ridin' in that long black limousine
There's a long line of mourners driving down our little street
And their fancy cars are such a sight to see
Must be all her rich friends that knew her in the city
Yes they finally brought her home to me
All the papers told of how she lost her life bout the party and the fatal crash that night
The race upon the highway and the curve no one had seen
Now she's ridin' in that long black limousine
[ strings ]
When she left home she told me that someday she'll be returnin'
And she'd leave in a fancy car for all the town to see
And now everyone is watchin' and I guess at last she found her dream
Cause there she goes she's ridin' in a long black limousine
Through tear dimmed eyes I watched as she ride by
With a chauffer at the wheel dressed up so fine
Oh I'll never love another for my heart and all my dreams
Are with her in that long black limousine see her ridin' in that long black limousine


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