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Bobby Bare


Bobby Bare

Lullabys, Legends And Lies

Gather round fellows I'll tell you some tales about murder and blueberry pies
And heroes and hells and bottomless wells and lullabys legends and lies
And gather round ladies come sit at my feet I'll sing about warm sunny skies
There's mermaids and beans and lovin' machines in my lullabys legends and lies
Lullabys legends and lies and lies lullabys legends and lies
I'll sing you a song then I'll shuffle along with my lullabys legends and lies

I may make you wonder I may make you smile I may bring the tears to your eyes
But when I disappear Lord you'll wish I was here with more lullabys legends and lies
So open the bottle and pass a guitar and look in my warm lovin' eyes
I'll take you to places you ain't been before with my lullabys legends and lies
Lullabys legends and lies...


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