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Bobby Bare


Bobby Bare

February Snow

Come sit beside me and I'll sing you one last song for you to carry with you as you go
And I'll remember you here in the frosty dawn and the lightly falling February snow
For tomorrow you'll be rolling somewhere light and free
Somewhere where these chilly winds don't blow
And maybe now and then you'll stop and think of me
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And the lightly falling February snow
Don't ask me where the magic moments all have gone
You know you don't really want to know
And your memory of me is gonna last as long as the early meltin' February snow
[ dobro ]
I guess there ain't no use for us to try to talk
We maybe should have tried it long ago
But now all the summer pathways where we used to walk
Are covered by the February snow
Oh I really hope you'll find your garden in the sun
And that'll help your pretty flowers grow
And maybe I'll just be remembered as the one
Who saw you through the February snow
So come sit beside me and I'll sing you one last song
For you to carry with you as you go
And I'll remember you here in the frosty dawn and the lightly falling February snow


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