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Gaither Vocal Band

New Point of View

I Went a-sailing just the other day,
Up in a big, hot air balloon.
Thought I'd take some time and get away.
Take a lap around the moon.

I got to thinkin' 'bout the way we live,
And why we do the things we do.
And while I watched the world from way up high
I saw it from a Heavenly point of view

(I gotta) new point of view,
new point of view,
new point of view,
(I gotta) new point of view.

From way up here I can't tell you who is who.
The make or model of the cars.
Just tiny houses line the tiny streets,
with tiny pools in tiny yards.

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They take a lot of time and energy
For the amount of joy they bring.
It seems a shame to go and waste a life
On such tiny, tiny things.

(repeat chorus)

We spend our lives pursuing earthly pleasures,
Chasin' dreams that fade away.
Let's set our sights on the eternal treasures,
Where moth and rust do not decay.

Learned a lesson just the other day,
Up in a big, hot air balloon.
Say, maybe you should try to get away
and spend a thoughtful afternoon.

(repeat chorus X 3)


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