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The Ember Days


The Ember Days

Real Jesus

Christ in the bible who spoke peace
Walked on the waters and died for me
The one who looks out for the poor and the weak
The real Jesus

The god who is bigger than time itself
The one who can heal my brokenness
He came for his children, embracing the meek
The real Jesus

I need the real Jesus
I want love that never ends
Unconditional, oh powerful
Like the real Jesus is

The God who is bigger than my ideas
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Bigger than mens' theology
If heaven's my hope, why don't I live free
'Cause this Jesus in me

You're the one who embraced
Not the one to push away
You are strong through all my weakness
Oh you love me endlessly

You are the real Jesus
You're the love that never ends
Unconditional, Oh powerful
You are the real Jesus