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The Cribs

The Watch Trick

And now I know in my mind it's time to feel round
'Cause that is the best way to heal this I find
Oh I don't know, time goes so slow
And maybe it's time to let go, I don't

Now I know it's not right
Now I must wake
I know I must take you home

How can I feel right when you are the one
That I like to see and be with on a night
And all that I ask, don't give yourself away too easy
Don't give yourself to me
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Now I know it's not right, my friend
Now I must wake
I know I must take you home

Now I must take you home
Always I go alone
If you'd like to, I'd like to die
'Cause if you always insist
I will have to resist
'Cause no one likes that anyway


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