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The Business


The Business

No Mercy for You

作詞:M Fitzsimons, S Whale

The glimmer of the past is held so dear
There's nothing else left for me here
We were young and withstood the knocks
We were the kings of the tower block

Smashing windows, fight all day
'You're no good', my mother would say
On the same side
Even way back then

I've been kicking around this town so long
I don't know what to do
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Generation, generation
No mercy for you

All the buildings in my town are gray
Cold, mean, cruel, no future, no way
With its own justice and rules within
Walls this filthy have no sin

The police don't come round here no more
Protect the rich and fuck the poor
Too old to cry, too young to know why
I justify this last goodbye