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Beastie Boys


野獸男孩(Beastie Boys)是一組來自紐約布魯克林和曼哈頓的嘻哈音樂團體。


野獸男孩的前身是在1979年組成名為「The Young Aborigines」的龐克樂團。1981年亞當·佛契(Adam Yauch,MCA)加入樂團並將團名改為野獸男孩(Beastie Boys)。團名中的「Beastie」原本是「Boys Entering Anarchistic States Towards Internal Excellence」(男孩們進入無政府狀態向著內在的良善)的縮寫,而團名的簡稱「B. B.」則是模仿華盛頓出身的龐克樂團「Bad Brains」。在樂團原本的編制中,亞當·佛契是演奏低音吉他(貝斯)、Kate Schellenbach擔任鼓手、約翰·貝利負責演奏吉他,麥克·戴亞蒙(Mike D)則是主唱。他們第一場表演是在貝利的家中,為了慶祝賈克的17歲生日。

之後約翰·貝利離開了樂團(隨後組成「Thwig」),而另一個龐克樂團「The Young and the Useless」的成員亞當·哈洛維茲(Adam Horovitz ,Ad-rock)代替了他的位置。樂團也在此時演出了他們第一首的饒舌歌曲《Cooky Puss》,是根據。這首歌發行後在紐約的地下舞廳開始流行。


Beastie Boys
1.Rhymin' And Stealin' (修改)
2.No Sleep Till Brooklyn
3.Brass Monkey 1
5.Three MC's And One DJ (Live Video Version)
6.Finger Licken' Good
7.So Watcha Want
8.Hey F*?# You
9.Lee Majors Comes Again
10.Slow And Low
11.Root Down (Pp Balloon Mix)
12.Whatcha Want
13.All Life Styles
14.Fight 4 Your Right
15.Fight For Your Right To Party
16.B-Boy Bouillabaisse
17.Transit Cop
18.Check It Out
19.Song ForThe Man
20.The Negotion Limerick File
21.Super Disco Breaking
22.Putting Shame Into Your Game
23.Drinkin' Wine(提供)
24.Finger Lickin' Good (Gov. Cheese Remix)
25.Front All That... Groove Holmes (Live -vs- The Biz
26.Honky Rink
27.Root Down (The Remixes)
28.So What'cha Want (The Remixes)
29.Stick Em Up
30.Sure Shot (The Remixes)
31.Aka 'Can't Won't Don't Stop'
35.Michelle's Farm
36.Riot Fight
37.Cooky Puss
38.Dope Little Song - Previously Unreleased
39.Holy Snappers
40.Resolution Time - Previously Unreleased
41.Time to Build
42.The Scenario
43.Description Of A Strange Man
44.Happy To Be In That Perfect Headspace
45.The Biz Grasshopper Experiment
46.Too Many Rappers (New Reactionaries Version)
47.Peanut Butter & Jelly(提供)
49.Beastie Revolution
50.Time For Living
51.Finger Lickin' Good (beastie Boys/caldato/fite/hill)
52.The Bis Vs. The Nuge(提供)
53.The Nogotiation Limerick File
54.B-boys Makin?with The Freak Freak (beastie Boys)
55.The Biz V. The Nuge(提供)
56.Get It Together (beastie Boys/j. Davis)
57.Tough Guy (beastie Boys/smith)
58.No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn
59.Bodhisattva Vow (beastie Boys/caldato)
60.Do It (beastie Boys/hall/nishita/caldato)
61.Flute Loop (beastie Boys/caldato)
62.Funky Boss (beastie Boys/nishita)(提供)
63.Gratitude (beastie Boys/cushman)
64.Heart Attack Man (beastie Boys/smith)
65.Jimmy James (beastie Boys/caldato)
66.Lighten Up (beastie Boys/nishita)(提供)
67.Live At P.j.'s (beastie Boys/nishita)
68.Mark On The Bus (nishita)
69.Namaste (beastie Boys/nishita)
70.Pass The Mic (beastie Boys/caldato)
71.Pow (beastie Boys/nishita)(提供)
72.Professor Booty (beastie Boys/caldato)
73.Root Down (beastie Boys)
74.Sabotage (beastie Boys)
75.Something's Got To Give (beastie Boys/caldato/nishita)
76.Son Of A Neck Bone(提供)
77.Stand Together (beastie Boys/caldato)
78.Sure Shot (beastie Boys/dj Hurricane/caldato)
79.The Bis Vs. The Nuge (the Grand Imperial Dr. Marcell Hall/ted Nugent)(提供)
80.The Maestro (beastie Boys)
81.The Scoop (beastie Boys/caldato)
82.The Update (beastie Boys/caldato/nishita)
83.Time For Livin' (sylvester Stewart/frontline)
84.Car Theif
86.You Gotta Fight
87.Fight For Your Right
88.Rhymin & Stealin

Ayyy Oh Say Walang Iwanan Get It Up Isang Bara Ka Lang I'm Only Human She Got Total Control Xiang Ni De Yue I Love U Ok Love Always Oh La To Me Want To Do How I'm Sorry Who You Are Take Me Comeon And Take Me Bit For You Go Dive Come On Say Ya Ya Ya Only When I Walk Away The People Falling Dance Inherited