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The Airplane Boys


The Airplane Boys


[Hook - Beck Motley]
Everything that we are, and beyond, the impossible
Everything we become, to become, be amongst the stars
Every song that I sung to beyond where they watch us all
Everything I become, overcome the impossible

[Verse 1 - Bon Voyage]
(Uugh) 9am I'm on the bus, it's the early morning grind, last night was such a fuss
Late nights in the studio, you would think it's a movie roll that I'm playing
Walls slid in my hotel in Macau, where we was staying
Now I'm back home punching key, at a job that'll never work for me
Minor thoughts in my head as I ride this road of uncertainty
Grey area, scarier is this fan across from me
Staring the fuck out of me bearing the innocent look of a surprised die hard
I'm paranoid, and I been that way since I been back
How's this even look right now? what I'm supposed to do just sit back
Or tell this kid that I've been jacked, the rims was gone on my whip
When I came back from LA, tell him how it topped off my trip, damn
Man I hope we inspire you, I pray you accomplish all of the things your heart desires to
My little sis turned 16 today, she told me she's proud of me
But she don't know bout the bullshit that I go through, and how ugly we could get
Ego trips, battlefields, hard to think that appeals
Battle in our own minds, we battling against time
But as a man thinketh so is he, I claim myself as a king and the future we shall see
They asking when we gone make it, they asking when gon' take it
The problem is what God is, what God wants we can't fake it
So take it as you will, will you kill or be killed?
Will you shoot when they shoot, is there room for the real


[Verse 2 - Beck Motley]
I drown in my ego
My brother in lakes
Before we left home, he told i would be great
I'm up at the Great Wall of china, with my faith
Reflecting on life, it's too valuable to waste
This ones for you Christian and Doobay up high
Roll it up in the clouds, heaven's doobies get high
'Til heaven's good bye, then hello again
I'll tell you my stories and dreams when we meet again (Uh)
Back to where we started, and we started from the bottom
But if you start it from the top, sometimes it's autumn and you falling
Always Moved like a king, the thing, i never would stay silent
Cos' once you start to demand the respect it turns to fear right into the violence
In mind, divided I'm, at war with myself
I need peace, I need time, but with need, you become helpless
I can't miss, can't tell me what I can't do
Picture my vision, festival crew to canne moves
Music and film movement, we all up in France soon
Dancing right to the sun, sun dance yeah, that too
Never the one to close the doors, Beau Monde, we closing deals
But to build this from our dreams with no money this shit is real
Studios around the globe, right back to my boys basement
Circle of life, building foundation, back to the basics
Im Giving you my thoughts, my words, until I can't breathe
The mind the size of ants are the ones that get antsy, patience

[Hook x2]

[Outro - Bon Voyage]
New levels new devils, wheat with the tare
Is it boiling or holy water we dipping in here
Step away from it, insecurities adding pressure to integrity
Will you sign on that line for them, take your soul for eternity
Ensures the food the on your plate for now temporary the fixes
Will they out weigh the future or pasiffy my convictions, let me know