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Leave the World Behind (Radi Edit)

Leave the world behind you ...
People, Can U Hear Me?
Here's a message that I'm sending out.
I've got the answer to all your problems

and tonight I'll be singing it loud.
Just surrender yourself to the rhythm
with your Hands up in the sky.
Feel the energy deep inside your system

and leave this world behind!
Leave the world behind you ...


1.Center of the Universe
2.I Found U
3.Watch The Sunrise
4.What A Wonderful World
5.Feel The Vibe
6.Center of the Universe - Remode Edit
7.Center of the Universe (Original Extended Mix)
8.Center of the Universe (Radio Edit)
9.Feel The Vibe ('Til The Morning Comes) - Radio Edit
10.Watch the Sunrise - Extended Vocal
11.Watch the Sunrise (Axwell Re-Mode)
12.Nothing But Love - Radio Edit
13.Feel the Vibe (Til the Morning Comes) (instrumental club mix)
14.Together - Radio Edit
15.I Found U - Radio Edit
16.I Found U (Remode Radio Edit)
17.Waiting For So Long (Gloria)
18.Center of the Universe (Remode)
20.Center of the Universe (Extended Mix)
21.Center Of The Universe - Original Radio Edit
22.Barricade (Radio Edit)
23.Barricade (Club Mix)
24.Center of the Universe (Blinders Remix Radio Edit)
25.Center of the Universe - Blinders Radio Edit
26.Feel the Vibe (Til the Morning Comes) (Eric Prydz Remix)
27.What a Wonderful World (Radio Edit)
28.Nothing But Love (TV Rock Mix)
29.High Energy (Axwell Radio Mix)
30.It's True
31.Leave the World Behind (Radi Edit) (修改)
32.Heart Is King (Arp edit)
33.Nothing but Love (classic mix)
34.Feel the Vibe (Til the Morning Comes)
35.In My Mind (Fresh Direct & DStar remix)
36.Center of the Universe (Stefan Dabruck Radio Edit)
37.Its True (Gabi Newman Remix)
38.Center of the Universe (Remode Instrumental Extended)
39.Axtone, Vol. 1 (Axwell Presents) [Continuous DJ Mix]
40.Centre of the Universe
41.I Found U (Acapella) [130BPM]
42.Something New - Club Mix
43.Something New - Amtrac Remix
44.Something New - Robin Schulz Remix
45.On My Way - Mercer Remix
46.On My Way - Valentino Khan Remix
47.Sun Is Shining
48.Thinking About You (DubVision Remix)
49.On My Way (Radio Edit)
50.On My Way
51.It's True (Dabruck & Klein remix)
52.It's True (original mix)
53.Nothing But Love (Feat. Errol Reid) - Remode
54.Nothing but Love (Remode version)
55.Nothing but Love (Remode mix)
56.Nothing but Love
57.Nothing But Love 4 You
58.Thinking About You - Festival Mix
59.This Time - Original Edit
60.Thinking About You
61.Dream Bigger (Radio Edit)
62.Dream Bigger
63.Dream Bigger - Extended Version
64.On My Way - Extended
65.Something New (Revised Single Version)
66.On My Way (Kungs Remix)
67.Can't Hold Us Down (Radio Edit)
68.Sun Is Shining - Radio edit
69.We Come, We Rave, We Love (live)
70.Thinking About You - Extended Mix
72.More Than You Know
73.How Do You Feel Right Now
75.Belong (Axwell & Years Remode Edit)
76.Belong (Axwell & Years Remode)
77.Belong - Nomis Remix
78.More Than You Know - Acoustic

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