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Maybe I Love You

作詞:毛鵬懿 Joseph Mao
作曲:毛鵬懿 Joseph Mao

Once upon a time, I was falling
I don't understand why I'm upset with myself
Every time I see you , and have a chance to talk to you
But I let it pass me by

Those awkward moments were so sweet
And I wish that time would freeze for me
I regret that I'm not brave enough to speak from my heart

So sorry girl to make you wait
When I see you I won't hesitate
I promise I won't step away again

I know I miss you
And maybe I love you
I'm standing here and don't know what to do
Now that you're gone
Who can make me strong
For the mistakes I've done
And the love that will last beyond

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Once upon a time, I was praying
You don't understand my heart will stop beating
Everyone knows that you act to be a fool
Girl don't be afraid

The air between us is so thin
It's a little bit hard for me to breathe
I hope it's not to late to speak what I wanna say

I won't let this chance slip again
It's the moment that I have to take
The distance won't go far away again

I know I miss you
And maybe I love you
I'm standing here and waiting for you
I'll be holding you tight
Like no one has ever done to you
The road in front is clear, our love is near, and let's start our journey right here

Maybe we're both afraid, not healed from the past
But what I feel is real, don't you feel the same
Who's gonna break the silence today, today!