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Vision Of Disorder


Vision Of Disorder


作詞:Matthew Paul Baumbach, Brendon Robert Cohen, Michael Thomas Fleischmann, Michael Kevin Kennedy, Timothy James Williams

Leave you, in the depths of a virtual silence
Believe, in the concept of compliance
Never do you ever feel a thing
For the revolution I hope to bring

How long is it gonna be?
Until you see, everything you did
Everyone you exploit
May come to destroy you

Don't spend much time with apathy
Just want you to see catastrophe
That's about to be unleashed
No chance for recovery

Not assuming, you're proving a thing to me
'Cause it's an emotional overload
And it seems to persists
You can't recognize

You can't realize this feeling inside
Just what you trying to prove?
I'm not feeling the things you're feeling
I ain't reacting for the things you're giving

All your questions, they irritate
Take compassion, throw it away
Just another dollar for your pocket
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I'll do my best to try and stop you

Show you all what I got
I won't stop until you drop
You're pathetic, you hypocrite
I'll stick your face in the shit

What's it gonna take to designate
Rearrange, twist up the fate
A new method to fuel thought
Instead of being sold you're being bought

How's it feeling, to know you're stealing
From the ones who feel
I will, hurt you, break you
Replace you with hate

I must lacerate, exterminate
All the weakness within
I know it was a waste
Self injecting my own resurrection

I bet you want to take this all the way
If you could, I bet you would
One more thing I have to say
Now is the time to be rid of the flakes
The ones playing the part of the fake