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No One Be Like You

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
No one like you

Olubowale youngest of Emilola cousin of Temitope told me I had a wrote it
Meaning I had to write it you see it's nothing like it
It's Double Mg but forever green and white it
My effort is enticing I represent that naija and nobody dislike it
So I guess I'm good Naira,Yoruba love give em my love
And if you get pops owned a cab then you know what's up
And if your uncles the rings back til they fucked up
And nobody impressed with your school unless it's A+
Growing up like to hate ya
Teacher fucking your last name up
And its strange that I came right?
Even my critics are saying a nigga name right
Lord I'm just rapping 'cause I gotta do it
Beamer santana white seven hallelujahs

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Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
No one like you

Omo naija show your lighter I made it with the micro
Phone home shawty you know you a brother out of here
Her mama call her Temidayo but I call it thick
Her uncles call her Kemi and I just call her quick
Her daddy call her Olayinka I just call it damn
I just call it …remember all the dough
You think in a ..narrow see ..
Came from humble beginnings now its nothing but ends
All the women of color I'm in love with your skin
Complexion from heaven don't be bleaching your shit
Ambition or nothing thought this would go away
That's word to KSA I'm trying to make sunnier days
Like Fela and them...?


Omo niaja get em' higher
And when my eyes looking like a nigga tired
God give me the strength God gave me the gift
With this heavenly flow bought a hell of whip
I'm cutting out spitting that something else
When your dough is the sweetest it's easy to puff puff
Shout out to Igbos Osinachi my borther
Every woman that know us think ? my cousin
Somalia women Ethiopian queens never could tell the difference
I just know what you mean
I just know you need a niiga that know what you need
I know just what you need nigga that know when to leave
I'm on the list they ain't closer to me
I'm hot like Farina
For years like their degree
Omo naija and no one like us
And if you're proud of it let me see your lighter



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