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Everything But The Girl


Everything But The Girl

You Lift Me Up - 2013 Remaster

When the light fades on a long bad day,
I sometimes weaken.
Then I turn to see you've been waiting for me,
I know I'm not beaten.
'Cause you
lift me up, you do.
Coming home sometimes
I catch the headlines.
It's been raining since
Saturday night.
And the trains run late,
I'm stuck at Notting Hill Gate.
But you'll make it alright.
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'Cause you lift me up
(you make it alright), you do.
Such a little thing,
our love won't make the world alright,
but love makes sense of life and that's enough,
at least tonight.
So late at night maybe,
when you call me baby,
the day will just fall away.
'Cause you lift me up, you do.


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