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魔鏡歌詞網其他歌手Before Showtime(預見•電影)預見•電影(Before Showtime)Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk(Album Version)(Rufus Wainwright)(電影終情之吻(2006) 插曲)

Before Showtime(預見•電影)


Before Showtime(預見•電影)

Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk(Album Version)(Rufus Wainwright)(電影終情之吻(2006) 插曲)

作詞:Rufus Wainwright
作曲:Rufus Wainwright

cigarettes and chocolate milk
these are just a couple of my cravings
everything it seems i like's a little bit stronger
a little bit thicker
a little bit harmful for me

if i should buy jellybeans
have to eat them all in just one sitting
everything it seems i like's a little bit sweeter
a little bit fatter
a little bit harmful for me

and then there's those other things
which for several reasons we won't mention
everything about them is a little bit stranger
a little bit harder
a little bit deadly

it isn't very smart
tends to make one part so broken-hearted

sitting here remembering me
always been a shoe made for the city
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go ahead, accuse me of just singing about places
with scrappy boys faces
have general run of the town
playing with prodigal songs
takes a lot of sentimental valiums
can't expect the world to be your raggedy andy
while running on empty
you little old doll with a frown

you got to keep in the game
maintaining mystique while facing forward
i suggest a reading of 'a lesson in tightropes'
or 'surfing your high hopes' or 'adios kansas'

it isn't very smart
tends to make one part so broken-hearted

still there's not a show on my back
holes or a friendly intervention
i'm just a little bit heiress, a little bit irish
a little bit tower of pisa whenever i see you
so please be kind if i'm a mess
cigarettes and chocolate milk


Before Showtime(預見•電影)
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