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New Roses

作詞:Leo Imai
作曲:Leo Imai

New roses My mind's stepping out

My mind My mind My mind My mind
My mind My mind My mind
Stepping out Stepping out Stepping out
My mind My mind It's all mine It's all mine Mine
Now you suck Suck in-suck in Suck it in-suck it in
Ferdinand, I'm spread so thin
You got a head full of flowers Ring-a-ring Ring-a-ring out louder
We all fall down, down, down

New Roses My mind's stepping out

Now I step Back in-back in Back in-back in
Breaking my chin Raking it in Crazy ka-ching
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Rumbling gut Never full-up I'm undercut But I never let up
Now stepping it up But I won't your play game anymore
It's colder than war Redder than gore Harder than core
I gotta get on another parabola
I gotta get on the eye of the cannibal
Don't wanna be just another mechanical

Hold on Hold on my mind
Hold on 'Cos Lord, I'm tryin'
Hold on Hold on my mind
Hold on I'm way behind
Hold on Hold on my mind
But it's nothing Nothing I can find My mind