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The Frozen Sea

作詞:Mai Kuraki・Deron Reynolds
作曲:Aika Ohno

Flower of the soft blue moon, blooming wild in the desert sand
Wind blowing whispers true through the land
Somewhere in your eyes I see, glimmer of a brighter star
Even though you're by my side, I don't know where you are

My head looking to the ground, see your hand,
will you please reach for me?
And I can't find a reason why you're so good to me

Don't leave me again, reach out to me
I'll never let go, yes I'll believe, oh yeah, oh yeah
In the moonlight stars, dreams near and far
Trying hard to bring back broken hearts, oh yeah, oh yeah

Setting on a cold dark night, yeah the stars shining for tomorrow
If only it would shed it's light on us now
Even as the years go by, we should never forget our dreams
Even though your by our side, we don't know what it means

Though for sure we may never know,
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many things they are still for certain
Never stop, just keep on walking, live your life today

Don't leave me again, here in my heart
Never let you go, I'll be here thinking, oh yeah, oh yeah
With the moonlight stars shining far away
Blue sea and sky will heal our pain, oh yeah, oh yeah

So now I close this book of sadness and all the pain I see
The tears I shed flow into a frozen sea

Don't leave me again give me the hope
To make a new page to open up to, oh yeah, oh yeah
In the moonlight stars, high above us now
Many thousand eyes shine looking down, oh yeah, oh yeah

Don't leave me again, look at us please
We're trying to live on this earth, oh yeah, oh yeah
In the moonlight stars, look at us please
All the kids are fighting to live on this earth