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Running Wild


Running Wild

Purgatory (Live)

The full moon's shining high in the sky
A screaming black bat passes by
A cold draught strangles your throat
You try to move but you're leashed in chains
You feel your end's coming and the power of darkness
The devil has come to require your soul
You have no right to refuse it
You have to say good-bye, and go

The curtains are moving and a shadow appears
Your blood is still frozen, you're nearly killed by
A dark shadow creeps to your deathbed
It's too late to regret your sins
He says to you, 'Well, surrender
I want your soul for hell'
You have no right to refuse it
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You have to say good-bye, and go

Oh sorry, you'd never done anything wrong
But nobody cares if you are gone
You were full of prejudices, badness and real sin
You were against sexual liberty, long hair and the
indolent youth
I don't want your fucking morals and god
'Cause I'm the deuce

Go and burn in purgatory
Go and burn in hell
Go and burn all your sins away
Go and burn in hell