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White Party(夜店狂熱 - 白色派對)


White Party(夜店狂熱 - 白色派對)

Apache Rocks The Bottom - Scooter

3D舞力對決 插曲

Check,one two
take care to get what you like
or you will be forced to like what you get!

I flick the switch
2000 volts of lyrical tricks, yeah
discharge hard like lightning quick
and hear the tick, you got it ?
but before you hear the tock
there's a new flex I drop
from my frontal lobe
'til the microphone explodes
love to rock bottom beats for the flicks
to hibernate and syncopate but I'm still in the mix
come on

rock bottom, yeah
rock bottom
come on

I'm gonna blow up big,
while u still on the bottom of the charts like a twig, yeah
it's lonely on the top, the champ is here
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for the lyrics I drop
I pump kinetics, unintential malice
wanna battle one of us is ending up in God's palace
back off deadly like black coffee,
long as I got lungs and a knot you can't stop me

rock bottom, yeah
join the jams!
come on, yeah

back on the track
nice and loud!

I'm ice
the man that kicks-in-the-door
my mouth is gonna gun you down
I've never needed pistols before
you better stick to the floor
rock bottom

rock bottom
join the jams!


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