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Seasick Steve


Seasick Steve

Down On the Farm

I like big ol' farm tractors
And big ol' farm implements
And things that dig up lots of dirt
And go real loud like they was meant to
Like they was meant to

I like lookin' at a field
That's just been cut
And lookin' at the pigs
When they do the rut
I love the way hay smells
When it's stacked in a barn
These just a few things gonna find on a farm

Yeah, down on the farm
Yeah, down on the farm

I love the way farm supply stores smell
A mix of seed, workin' clothes
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And oil and more
You can get a new shovel
Get a new rake
Get your chainsaw sharpened
But you might have to wait
They got coffee
Yeah, they got coffee, mate
Yeah, they got coffee, mate

I think I'll go out and wash
My old John Deere
But hang on just a minute
What's that I hear
My friend Dan playin' drums in the barn
I guess we gonna rock and roll
Yeah, down on the farm
Yeah, down on the farm