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Little Feat


Little Feat

Chinese Work Songs

-- B. Payne, B. Wray, P. Barrere, S. Murphy, F. Tackett

long steady steps down an unlit street
singing chinese work songs in my head
slow deep breaths promise and hope
but for some it's just the thrill
get your kicks that's part of the problem
no solution a bottomless pit
high minded purposes pitched against knives and pistols
some revolution
nothing but people
power to the people
chinese work songs
chinese work songs
chinese work work work

well read and well meaning
so tan and delightful
a true measure of health
that's how i view myself this morning
but it's late and the lights guide me to the corner
blinding lights and noises from the street
but it can't obliterate the chinese works songs
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just the strange landscape
worn phrases and familiar faces that's got me
humming to myself singing softly to myself
chinese work songs
chinese work songs
chinese work work work

chinese work songs humming like a telephone wire
all up in my american head
i want to be ready
ready to go that's all i know
another beauty contest
sliced up on a platter for immediate digestion
coughing treason slighted by truth's own tunnel
man it'll getcha you every time
don't worry be whatever
just suffer through a few more delusions
and take small satisfaction
of the songs in your head
chinese work songs
chinese work songs
chinese work work work


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