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I Wanna See the States

I wanna see the states
I wanna see the states
From the foggy Golden Gate to the great Michigan
I wanna see the states
Oh, how did you get to this town?
Was it where you were born or did you move around?
California's got places down south
We can lay in the sun on the beach
Drive up the Oregon coast
Its rocky and lighthouses dot it for most of the way
Through to Washington—Cascadian snow
On the tips of Olympian peaks
North to Alaska and we had no fear
We were on to the future, the final frontier
While in Hawaii they're probably righteously
Surfing the worlds greatest breaks
But oh, Idaho
Has got the most
Folks we know
We'll follow the Rockies and never stop roaming
Through Colorado, Montana, Wyoming
Down in New Mexico, we're eating greeen chilies
We'll hit the slopes up in Park City, Utah
Well, I wanna see the states
I wanna see the states
From Nevada's Vegas strange to the wicked pines of Maine
I wanna see the states
Deep down in Texas, there's bright starry skies
Oklahomians all realize
That the sun never sets we're just spinning around
Spun up to Kansas and clung to the ground
Slipped off the great plain to Southern Missouri
A creek and a sunset with no need to hurry
Just lazily drifting the great Mississippi
Through Tennessee, Arkansas and Kentucky
Down to the bayous of Louisiana
Glowing fireflies down in Alabama
Lit up your face like you're next to the moon
South Carolina, we'll be getting there soon
But Ohio
Has got the most
And swing votes
Span Indiana right over the crossroads
In Illinois we had deep dish and hot dogs
Cornhuskers score a Nebraskan point and I
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Hear some music from downtown Des Moines Iowa
And I wanna see the states I wanna see the states
From Florida's southern cays to the Delaware tax rates
I wanna see the states
I wanna dip my feet into the sand
I wana dive into the Rio Grande
From the tall Virginian trees to a sultry Georgian breeze
I wanna see the land
Fall in New Hampshire
We stopped by the woods
With paid parking meters by rogue Robin Hoods
Freedom and unity o'er in Vermont
There's hope in Rhode Island to live how we want
So live how you like but I love Massachusetts
New York's got places where we can get loose
It's like everything you ever wanted at once
We'll go upstate, and we can stay there for months
We'll cut through the forests to Hartford, Connecticut
Can't help but love famous New Jersey etiquette
O'er in DC on the Capitol Hill
Historic decisions are being made still
The West Virginian mountains are wild and wonderful
North Carolina where autumn is colorful
Crabbing in Maryland, hoagies in Harrisburg
Pennsylvania declared us America
But it's far
It's far
Oh it's far
Yeah, it's far between them
But take it form me
It's worth all the long car rides to see them
Just wait till you see
Yosemite or New England
They'll make you believe in life, liberty, and freedom
Well, I wanna see the states
I wanna see the states
From the lakes of Minnesota
To the North and South Dakota
I wanna see the states
I wanna dip my feet into the sand
I wanna dive into the Rio Grande
From the Arizona desert
To Wisconsin's snowy weather
I wanna see the land
I wanna see the land


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