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Dr. Dog

Ain't It Strange

Ain't it strange how everybody says I love you?
Ain't it a shame how a word can tell you
More than words can say?
I need you here

Ain't it strange 'cause I'm always thinking of you?
Ain't it a shame how a thought
Can catch the breeze and blow away?
I need you here

Oh, but I know how bad it can get
But I don't mind, baby, I don't mind
But I know how soon you'll forget me
But time keeps blaring
Baby, time takes care of me

Ain't it strange how a man
Who lives for nothing can change?
'Cause if he stays the same he'll die a million days
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Year by year, there's a drain

At the bottom of the ocean
And when it rains
We'll get close to where the water meets the sky
For you and I

Oh, but I don't know how far this could go
But I don't mind, baby, I don't mind
There's no use in saying, that you've been straying
But even strangers know how strange it can be

We're only getting old
'Cause that's what we are told to do
But they sang to get through
But what's that got to do with us
So go on and work it out