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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Dr. DogWild Race (EP)Be The Void

Dr. Dog


Dr. Dog

Be The Void

[Verse 1]
He's crossin' out lines, he's got nothing to say
Shootin' Russian Roulette just to learn how to play
Throwin' rocks at a car, 'til it throws on its brakes
He's goin' too far, cause that's what it takes
Learnin' cause and effect, letter by letter
Makin' everything worse, so it can only get better

Become the one
Become the all
Become the big
Become the small
Become complete
Become destroyed
Become nothing
Be the void

[Verse 2]
Is this strange? I don't know
Is this wrong? I'm not sure
I'm no good as a window
But I'll gladly be a door
And if you're ever in between
Stop and say hello
Yeah, it's lonely in between
To know and not to know
And on the day that I die
As the dearly departed
Will I look back and say
My life never started


[Verse 3]
Float down the stream 'til time is worn out
As all my remains become scattered about
And I become a song so big and round
I become a dream, became a sound
I become a name cut into stone
I become a chill in the bone


Become nothing
Be the void
Become nothing
Be the void
Be the void
Be the void