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Olivia Ong


Olivia Ong

Look Up

Tell me what do you think when you look up into the vast sky
Look beyond you and you will find a helping hand
Just persevere on
And you will pull through

Learn to look up when you're down with a frown on your face
Don't allow temporal situations to weigh you down
Turn these stumbling blocks
Into stepping stones

When you encounter a certain problem
You think it's fine... o.k just work it out uh huh
Then you needed a break
So you put it aside
But you don't really wanna deal with it
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So bit by bit the problem gets out of the hand
And it's complicated
Driving you frustrated
And you feel like your world is falling apart
And you are beginning to lose heart

You're alone
You need a push to go on
Don't wanna fall
Coz you don't want
To lose it all
Don't allow your problems to crush you


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