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Olivia Ong


Olivia Ong



A little bit of school, A little act of cool
A little bit acting like a fool,
A little bit of this, A little bit of that,
I think I'll make it on my own,

And I'm, just tryna get to heaven,
With some of these dream intact,
All my friends keep googling, I maintain.

hey hey hey
Sing! Sing me a song!
Let's have a party all life along,
Sing me a true Fly to the moon,
ain't nothing more that you can do,

hey hey hey
Sing! my baby boo,
Sing 'till the red pill now turns blue,
Sing me a tune, Sing me the blues,
I'm tryna party boy with you.
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Sing me a song!

A little bit of good, A little bit of bad,
I'll call you back on my ipad,
A little bit of tech, A kiss on the neck,
How do you say I'll be right back,

And all there folks try get ahead,
And I've been there before,
But my friends keep telling me,
Stop and breathe...

I'm fallin' love, with the idea, of you, baby...
I'm fallin love, with the idea, of you, baby...

And if my shoes can keep me running,
It won't be too long,
Just a little bit, a tiny little bit,
Just a little wit, I'll be fine so...