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Who Do You Love

Feel it in my bones*
Feel it till I turn green,
Gettin me a pissy cuss to see you watching
The vixen in the black
The seductive girl,
Follow back and forth
Dominating your world
You look at her,
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You talk to me,
I talk to you,
You're not LISTENING!
You never listen,
God you're so obviously staring I can't sit and watch

Hey baby, who do you love
I gotta know (I gotta know)
Oh Oh! (oh baby baby!)
Baby, baby,
If you want my love,
I wanna know
Baby baby, who do you love,
I wanna know!

(Oh baby baby)
Can I ask you
What exactly are you doing?
She is foxy but I see you drooling
All over yourself watching your little siren
In the shadows like an evil lion
I look at her
I wanted you
To disappear (go away.)
Into midair (go AWAY!)
I want to claw her!
I want to bite her!
I want to tear her up in pieces AH!

Hey baby who do you love,
I gotta know
Oh oh! (oh baby baby)
Baby, baby,
If you want my love,
I wanna know
Hey baby, who do ya love,
I wanna know

Inside of them,
Its eating them inside out,
Well be following them out
Girls, can I hear you shout?
Oh, were gonna kick your ass,
Baby, if you go and look at another lady,
Keep your eyes off her dirty tuti,
Or ill show you who the muthafuckin boss is!
I'm with you, and your staring at her!
Who do you love
Who do you love
Who do you love
Who do you love
Who do you love? tell me!


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