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Chris Brown


Chris Brown

Fools With You

White flag hands up, I ain't got no room for them no (uhhh)
If love was a crime i'd be doing way more than life (uhhh)
Girl I'm through all I see is you (uhhhh)
Your my heart girl I fools with you!

Tell me when tell me where (whatever you want baby I'll do it all for you)
Kinda love got me sprung (I mean it and I don't give a damn )
All these girls on my head like a fresh cut (ayeee)
Tryna get yo spot but they gets no love
Kinda love got me sprung baby for the things you do I
Fools with you!
You are whats up, baby I ain't got no reason to lie
Girl I'm feeling locked in but not stuck,
Witchuu ain't never a waste of time (uhhh)
Yay, girl I'm through all I see is you (uhhh)
Your my heart girl I fools with you!


And when the rain falls down (tries to flood us out)
My love will be your raft girl
Anything you need (promise I will be)
Baby you can count on me
I'm ready right now no pressure on you (uh huh)
The only kind of fool I wanna be is the kind that fools with you


I fools witchu you, you, I used to be a fool but now I only fools witchu

[Music fades out]


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