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Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga

Acoustic (Captivated) [Live Version]

One look and I'm done,
One glance from your eyes,
And I'm captivated

The taste of your skin,
The warmth of your hungry lips
Has me so taken and I
Love the way you can make me dance
From miles away
When I'm with you, I'm so sedated,
I'm captivated by you

You're just like the wind 'cause
Everything moves away
When you're around it

The sun is just like the sound
Of your voice in the morning
When you light my world up and I
Love the way you can make me dance
From miles away
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When I'm with you I'm never jaded,
I'm captivated

Oh, I'll never stop believing
In this crazy love we're leading
Oh, sugar,
Hold me closer,
Make me sweeter,
I need ya,
I love you

So, please, show me that smile,
Make me laugh for just a little while
Then breathe me one breath,
I only need one to fill the emptiness and I
Love the way you can make me dance
From miles away
It's been so long but now,
I've waited, and I'm captivated


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