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The Everly Brothers


The Everly Brothers

Down in the Willow Garden

Down in the willow garden
Where me and my love did meet
As we sat a-courtin'
My love fell off to sleep

I had a bottle of Burgundy wine
My love, she did not know
So I poisoned that dear little girl
On the banks below

I drew a saber through her
It was a bloody knife
I threw her in the river
Which was a dreadful sign

My father often told me
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That money would set me free
If I would murder that dear little girl
Whose name was Rose Connelly

My father sits at his cabin door
Wiping his tear-dimmed eyes
For his only son soon shall walk
To yonder scaffold high

My race is run, beneath the sun
The scaffold waits for me
For I did murder that dear little girl
Whose name was Rose Connelly


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