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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手The Everly BrothersA Date with the Everly Brothers + the Fabulous Style of the Everly Brothers (Bonus Track Version)Temptation (Bonus Track)

The Everly Brothers


The Everly Brothers

Temptation (Bonus Track)

You came, I was alone
I should have known
You were temptation
You smiled, luring me on
My heart was gone
And you were temptation

It would be thrilling if you were willing
And, if it can never be, pity me

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For you were born to be kissed
I can't resist, you are temptation, I
Am yours, here is my heart
Take it and say that we'll never part
I'm just a slave, only a slave

To you, temptation
I'm your slave!


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