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Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg

Dogg Named Snoop

[Hook:Tray Deee & Snoop Dogg]
Motherfucking dogg (Named Snoop) bow wow, (SNOOP!)
(Named Snoop) (SNOOP!)
Motherfucking dogg (Named Snoop), Motherfucking dogg (Named Snoop)
(SNOOP!) What, (Named Snoop) (SNOOP!), what
Motherfucking dogg (Named Snoop) Motherfucking dogg, damn (Named Snoop)
(SNOOP!) uh huh (Named Snoop) what's up (SNOOP!) what
Motherfucking dogg, damn (Named Snoop) Motherfucking dogg (Named Snoop)
(SNOOP!) alright (Named Snoop) (SNOOP!) Motherfucking dogg
(Named Snoop) Motherfucking dogg (Named Snoop) (SNOOP!) what's up
(Named Snoop), alright (SNOOP!) yeah
Motherfucking dogg (Named Snoop)

[Snoop Dogg]
10-20-71, the day I come out
Two days later, I'm runnin' my mouth
Mom's put a bottle to my grill
I look her in the face and I say chill
So she puts her back up on a pillow, uh huh
Two minutes later I'm bailin' out the hos-pital
On my way to the liquor store
First thing I grab is some skins and a 4-0
Dropped the O-E cause it's just too cold
Get myself some gin instead and then I stroll
But before I get out the door
The man behind the counter says hey, yo, yo
He picks me up and sit me on the seat
And then he get the phone and get to dialin' the police
I'm on the run but I can't walk yet
Can't grapple nothin' said, cause I can't talk yet
First trip in the police car
Cameras all around me as if I was a star
Mom's grabbed me, hugged me, and kissed me
This fool tried to twist me, mom's say she missed me (I missed you)
Re-group it, swoopin' in the coupe and
That's what I'ma name you cause boy you be snoopin'
Soon to be hoopin' hoes I be scoopin'
First piece of ass before I got my first whoopin'
Cookin', bookin', hookin' up with G's
Twenty days later I'm from R-T-C
Doin' it up, rollin', givin' it up
Sellin' candy for a white boy outta light blue truck
And I'm comin' up, that's right, niggas runnin' up
Havin' fun and stuff
You niggas don't want none of us

[Snoop talking]
What's up homie (What's up cuz, where you from)
My name Snoop Dogg (Where you from though)
Eastside, rollin' twenty crip (What)
(Oh) yeah (OK, it's all good cuz) That's what I'm talkin' bout
(Yeah) Ah, you gonna feel me nigga, sooner or later

Motherfucking dogg (Named Snoop) that's right (SNOOP!)
(Named Snoop) bow wow (SNOOP!) bow wow
Motherfucking dogg (Named Snoop), Motherfucking dogg (Named Snoop)
Yeah (SNOOP!) what's up (SNOOP!) what's happenin' bow wow
Motherfucking dogg (Named Snoop) roll, roll with me

[Snoop Dogg]
Roll with me, S-N-double O-P
Mel-man where ya been O.G.
Tell me, the game'll never fail me
Ask J or my lil' homie Shelby
Uh, I cut em' up like Marcus Welby
This is the dopest G, that chu' will ever see
There'll never be, another me
By the grace of God, ya lovin' me
Pause, do it to em' dogg
Now drop a rock em' dogg
Now put a lock em' dogg
Rollin' down the river spinnin' on a log
Jog to the liquor store, grab me a thicker ho
Get me a Michelob, now I wanna Snicker though
Remind me of the old days
When my mama used to bang the O'Jays
Family reunion, ha ha, hey 8-track style
Mel-Man you a fool for this cuz
Cause I'm the motherfucking dogg, named Snoop


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4.Somethin Bout Yo Bidness'(feat. Raphael Saadiq
5.Just Dippin''(feat. Dr. Dre, Jewell
6.True Lies'(feat. KoKane
7.Set It Off'(feat. Ice Cube, The Lady of Rage, MC Ren
8.Wrong Idea'(feat. Bad Azz / Kokane / Lil HD
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20.I Believe In You'(feat. LaToiya Williams
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22.Paper'd Up'(feat. Mr. Kane, Traci Nelson
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50.Beautiful (Featuring Pharrell & Uncle Charlie Wilson)
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52.Buck'em (Featuring Sticky Fingers)
53.Gin N Juice
54.G'z & Hustlas
55.What's My Name
56.Intrology [Explicit]
57.I Wanna Thank Ya (Radio Edit)
58.I Believe In You (Featuring Latoiya Williams)
59.From Tha Chuuuch to Da Palace (Featuring Pharrell)
60.Paper'd Up (Featuring Mr. Kane & Traci Nelson)
61.You Got What I Want (Featuring Ludacris & Uncle Charlie Wilson)
62.Hennesey N Buddah (Featuring Kokane)
63.True Lies (Featuring Kokane)
64.Go Away (Featuring Kokane)
65.Game Court (Skit) [Featuring Mac Minista]
66.Ready 2 Ryde (Featuring Eve)
67.Loosen' Control (Featuring Butch Cassidy)
68.Bring It On (Featuring Kokane & Suga Free)
69.Back Up Off Me (Featuring Master P & Mr. Magic)
70.Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)
71.Lay Low - (Featuring Master P/Nate Dogg/Butch Cassidy/Tha Eastsidaz)
72.You Got What I Want(Ft. Ludacris,Goldie Loc, & Uncle Charlie Wilson)
73.Smoke weed everyday
74.Nuthin But A G Thang Featuring Dr. Dre
75.It Blows My Mind
76.Ballin' (Featuring Lil' Half Dead & The Dramatics)
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81.10 Lil' Crips [Clean]
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83.Boss Playa
84.Drop It Like It's Hot (Album Version)
85.Down 4 MY N's (Featuring C-Murder & Magic)
86.Drop It Like It's Hot Ft. Pharrell Williams
87.I Miss That Bitch(Ft. E-White)
88.Intrology [Clean]
89.Which One Of You [Clean]
90.Boss' Life [Clean]
91.That's That Shit [Explicit]
92.LAX [Clean]
93.A B**** I Knew [Clean]
94.Hi 2 U
95.CAN I GET A Flicc Witchu feat.Bootsy Collins
96.From The Chuuuch To Da Palace
97.Gin & Juice 11
98.Vato [Explicit]
99.Girl Like U

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