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02(feat. TAG SHAI)(English Ver.)

作詞:Dizzy Dizzo, Flightsch, Tag Shai
作曲:Dizzy Dizzo, Flightsch, Tag Shai

All you mutha fuckin' hoes
Mutha fuckin' hoes
Dirty ass roaches overload
Rodents overload
Who I be who I be
Oh you kissing ass me bitch
Recognize me in your nightmares when
you're getting tag teamed bitch Whats my name
Yeah you know
Dizzy Dizzo on you ho
Mutha fucka tryna pull up in my spot with no gas
When I eat my apple pies
Mutha fuckers die
Okay I'm good now rocking with my hood down
With my squad bitch, Imma put you in a coma
You better hide snitch cause I'm coming with the terror
Got you looking like a diamond we call it sierra what
Yeah you know it
Yeah you know it
Yeah you know it
Yeah you know it
Yeah you know it
Yeah you know it
I put it down for my mutha fuckin' 02
Yeah you know it
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Yeah you know it
Yeah you know it
Yeah you know it
Yeah you bitches had it coming
I put it down for my mutha fuckin' 02
Gold glass bitch I'm feeling cold ass bitch
If you can't match foundation with your skin you no class bitch
If I can track locations in dimensions known as riffs
Then you will see me in the future with my 02 clique
You can catch me down the path with my mast face east
Way I spit it on the rap yeah I'm a mask faced beast
I could put you on the map if you just say please
And you talking bout the game but you just on your knees
Spitting lava like I've just emerged from a volcano
The way I'm talking to myself you'd think that I'm insane though
Pour artesian water from the sky yeah call it making Fiji cry
But you can refer to me as the God of rain though
Satellite perception I'm the one with many lessons
Attempting conversation with dangerous men in heaven
I bear the mask of indecision
Sanctioned from the hearts of wisdom
destined to be trapped alone within my
Yeah we livin' like kings from Imperial
Gold chains gold rings gold material