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James Blunt


James Blunt

You're Beautiful (Clean Edit)

My life is brilliant.
My life is brilliant.
My love is pure.
I saw an angel.
Of that I'm sure.
She smiled me on the subway.
She was with another man.
But I won't lose no sleep on that,
'Cause I've got a plan.
You're beautiful, You're beautiful,
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.
Yes, she caught my eye,
As I walked on by.
She could see from my face that I was,
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Flying high,
And I don't think that I'll see her again,
But we shared a moment that will last till the end.
You're beautiful, You're beautiful,
You're beautiful, it's true,
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.
You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
When she thought up that I should be with you.
But it's time to face the truth,
I will never be with you.


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