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Nat King Cole


Nat King Cole

Papa Loves Mambo - 1993 Digital Remaster

Papa loves mambo
Mama loves mambo
Look at 'em sway with it, gettin' so gay with it
Shoutin' 'olé' with it, wow! (ooh!)

Papa loves mambo
(Papa loves mambo)
Mama loves mambo
(Mama loves mambo)
Papa does great with it, swings like a gate with it
Evens his weight with it, now!

He goes to, she goes fro
He goes fast, she goes slow
He goes left 'n' she goes right
(Papa's lookin' for mama but mama is nowhere in sight)

Papa loves mambo
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Mama loves mambo
Havin' their fling again, younger than Spring again
Feelin' that zing again, wow! (ooh!)

Papa loves mambo
(Papa loves mambo)
Mama loves mambo
(Mama loves mambo)
Don't let her rumba and don't let her samba
'cause papa loves mama tonight (ooh!)

(Papa loves mambo)
(Mama loves mambo)

(Papa loves mambo)
(Mama loves mambo)


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